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Director, Finance

Hemant works in the firm's Finance Division and received a degree in accounting from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He joined Morgan Stanley’s Mumbai team in 2011.

What do you do at Morgan Stanley?

I'm part of the Finance Institutional Securities Group and a member of the credit product control team. I work as an accountant and controller for Morgan Stanley's trading desk, where I keep an eye on market movements and analyze balance sheets. My job is pretty dynamic, and I'm always on my toes. There's a lot of global interaction with teams across locations, especially in Hong Kong, London and New York.

What career achievements are you most proud of?

During my first year at the Firm, I was nominated in the 2012 Finance Recognition Awards as one of the top five new program analysts across the Finance Division in the Asia-Pacific region. I didn’t come in first, but I was still happy to be nominated. This shows how much management here wants their people to succeed and be recognized for a job well done. They motivate and encourage you to be your best. It’s all part of the great culture here.

What's the culture like at Morgan Stanley?

I believe the firm has a terrific culture for employees. Morgan Stanley believes in giving plenty of growth opportunities to individuals. The work-life balance is great. Plus, management has an open-door policy. We’re encouraged to ask questions. It's a very friendly environment.

Have you been able to advance your career?

In only two years, I was promoted from analyst to associate, and in the next three years to manager. It has been very exciting. Part of my promotion is because I gained significant business understanding through my interactions with people in different regions across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

What do you like most about your job?

It's challenging. Every day is new. Nothing is monotonous. I am constantly learning, and creative thinking is always encouraged. I also work on a really great team that is focused on delivering the best results.

Do you take part in any volunteering?

Yes, I have organized blood donation drives and visits to homes for the elderly. I am involved in coordinating a talent event called Showcase that has helped me connect with other teams and business units. It's held every year, and every business unit participates and showcases their acting and dancing skills. Since joining the firm, I have actively participated in this event and was involved in casting, scripting, editing, directing and acting. I participated four times and won first prize every time.   

It helps me connect with other teams, and it involves various rounds of practice and auditions. It also helps me network with other colleagues on the floor.

I'm also a member of a financial control group's bimonthly newsletter. We highlight important finance events and work closely with managers to include their updates in the letter. Morgan Stanley encourages us to give back, which is a core value.

Have you taken part in any mentoring?

I have informal mentors who have helped me grow and overcome challenges. My managers have been extremely supportive and have motivated me to perform at my best. They regularly check in to see if I am happy and provide me with feedback so I can grow and progress in my career.

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