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Vice President, Technology

Ritika is a Vice President at Morgan Stanley who earned a degree in computer science from the University of Delhi and a master's degree from the National Institute of Technology at Tiruchirappalli. Along with a full-time offer, she was also offered an internship for 6 months. Today she's been at Morgan Stanley for seven years and during that time has had plenty of opportunities to deepen her experience.

What do you do at Morgan Stanley?

I'm a developer in the Fund Services Technology department. A typical day involves coding and developing new functionalities. We have a lot lined up every month. I always feel challenged, like I'm learning something. We always have something to keep us on our toes. If we don't have work to do, we'll be bored.

Why did you decide to start your career here?

I've always been interested in logic, and as someone interested in technology, I knew Morgan Stanley would be a good place to start my career. I interned with Morgan Stanley for six months after I graduated from college, then I joined as a full-time, permanent employee in August 2014. Morgan Stanley is a big name, and I was interested in being a part of it. Getting an interview was exciting—I hoped I'd get through. It's a pleasure to be here.

What do you like most about the culture?

Everyone is so open. You can walk up to somebody and ask for help, whether or not you know that person. One time, we started using technology that was new, and I approached people on the floor with questions. At one point, I thought, “Am I bugging them too much?" But they didn't hesitate at all to help me. There's also a lot of flexibility you can leverage. When you need to, you can work from home in the morning or evening. I know a lot of women here with children who have been able to set their own time in a way that works for them.

Is there a lot of innovation that goes on?

Innovation is ingrained in the culture. There's a widespread desire to learn new technology, and there have been times when I've said to my manager, “We should use something like this because it will make us more efficient." My suggestions are heard and considered, even though I haven't been in the working world very long.

What kinds of projects have you worked on?

I've been challenged from the start. During my internship, I got an opportunity to use new technologies that added to my skill set. When you learn something new, it's exciting. And when people appreciate you, it boosts your confidence. I got good feedback, and it made me feel really good to be part of the team. A few months back, I got the opportunity to own more projects. I didn't have any previous business knowledge, but I learned.

What programs does the Firm have to spearhead interest in tech?

We have an event called “Technophilia” that showcases tech ideas from our people. I'm part of the organizing committee. People come up with ideas and post them on Jive, then we split off into teams to develop the ideas. Each team presents their ideas and implementations in front of an audience and is judged on their effectiveness and impact. It's very innovative.

Have you participated in any volunteer programs?

I am always excited for Global Volunteer Month. There are lots of opportunities to help people who need it, and it's very enjoyable. It's also a great chance to meet new people.

Do you see Morgan Stanley as a place where you can continue to grow?

Yes, and I've been participating in mentoring programs because I feel that leveraging the experience of those who have been here for a longer duration will help my career. I would love to stay at Morgan Stanley, and I am optimistic about my growth prospects here.

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