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Executive Director, Finance

What do you do at Morgan Stanley?

Since November, I have been working on a team that focuses on regulatory deliverables, including the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) – the Federal Reserve's annual stress test for bank holding companies. We look at how hypothetical losses would impact the bank's capital structure. This is a huge effort across the Firm. My team interacts with Treasury and Finance to aggregate an enormous amount of information and bring the whole process together.

Before that, my role was much more quantitative and technical — working with risk models, for instance. Now I interact more with senior management and a range of other employees to figure out solutions to regulatory problems small and large.

What do you like most about your job?

One thing I really like about this role is that unlike quantitative roles, where you're focusing on, say, a particular model, I get the opportunity to problem-solve. It gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to accomplish something that we were not sure was possible. I have the freedom to use original thinking to determine how I'm going to get my work done.

What made you move to the U.S.?

Right after I finished my master's, I was recruited to work in Morgan Stanley's Mumbai office. Then in 2014, I transferred to the New York office. I had a mentor who was instrumental in my move. He appreciated the qualities and strengths I had to offer, and he created the opportunity for me to come and work here. He's a friend and mentor who has offered great guidance throughout my career.

What's a typical day like for you?

It differs quite a bit. It's a mix of predictable and unpredictable. From January to April, it's busy for anyone working on CCAR. Hours are pretty crazy during that time. But even during busy season, I try to maintain a good work life balance.

Are you active in any networking groups at the Firm?

I am part of the Women's Business Alliance and the Asian Employee Networking Group. I try my best to attend networking events — it's something I've been a proponent of from the start, even when I worked in the Mumbai office. They are such great opportunities to meet new people from other areas of the Firm.

What is the culture like at Morgan Stanley?

Incredibly talented people work at Morgan Stanley. People collaborate very well, and there's great connectivity. People are very competent, energetic and warm. You're given an opportunity to express original thinking. It's an intellectually stimulating environment.

The culture here has also helped me advance my career. Co-workers helped me identify my strengths along the way, and I have always felt comfortable speaking up about opportunities that interest me. I am very fortunate to work here.

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