Giving Back

How we support the communities where we live and work
Making a Difference Is at the Core of Our Firm

Morgan Stanley doesn’t do philanthropy the usual way. Our approach is rooted in creating significant and meaningful impact for people in the communities where we live and work, both by collaborating long-term with leading nonprofit organizations and by mobilizing our employees to leverage their collective talents to help make the world a better place.


We focus on children’s physical and mental health because it affects all of us and our future world. And we prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion across all of our programs to work towards ensuring that everyone benefits from our efforts to effect transformative change.

Giving back is a core value that is woven throughout our corporate culture and that differentiates what it means to work at Morgan Stanley. Our employees are dedicated to giving their time and skills where they are needed most, and our firm supports innovative nonprofit organizations that are changing lives every day.
Executive Chairman

Our Commitment to Children's Health

Our philanthropic efforts are led by the Morgan Stanley Foundation, which for more than 60 years has been dedicated to giving children a healthy start to life, supporting diverse communities, and harnessing the time and skills of our employees to make an impact. With the establishment of the Morgan Stanley International Foundation nearly 30 years ago, we expanded our reach to help children grow and thrive globally.

Giving Back
The Morgan Stanley Alliance for Children’s Mental Health combines the resources and reach of Morgan Stanley with the knowledge and experience of our distinguished nonprofit member organizations to help deliver positive, tangible impact on the critical challenges of stress, anxiety and depression in children, adolescents and young people.
Addressing food insecurity
We work with the Felix Project in London, the Red Feather Community Chest in Tokyo, Foodlink Foundation in Hong Kong, the Feeding America network of food banks in the U.S. and other nonprofit organizations around the world to help provide children and families with sustained access to nutritious food.
Giving Back
Creating safe and accessible places to play
Through volunteering and financial support, we help KABOOM! provide children around the U.S. with equitable access to places to play. So far, we have provided playgrounds and creative play sets to tens of thousands of children.
Giving Back
Helping kids grow and thrive
Morgan Stanley supports innovations in pediatric care at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York and the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London as well as other children's hospitals.

Employee Engagement

Each year, the people who work for Morgan Stanley around the world give their time, skills and resources to help their communities.

Career Opportunities

Find out how you can join our team and make a difference.

Grant Guidelines

Read our  grant guidelines for the Morgan Stanley Foundation and Morgan Stanley International Foundation.