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You've spent countless hours building a successful practice by doing what's right for clients. Morgan Stanley shares your commitment to excellence. Our premier brand, robust resources and market leadership can offer you new opportunities to grow your practice. Together, we can help clients reach their financial goals-and help you achieve your professional aspirations.
A Category of One

For more than 87 years, Morgan Stanley has delivered the highest levels of service, innovation and performance. Our wealth management business is in a category of one. We've earned our leadership position through sizable investments in our product platforms, thought leadership, digital tools and information security. Your practice belongs at a global firm with unmatched capabilities and an unwavering commitment to wealth management.


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Our Wealth Management franchise, with the top advisor-led business in the industry, is a key differentiator for the Firm and the engine for further Morgan Stanley growth.
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Envision Yourself at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley’s Experienced Financial Advisor Recruiting Process:  A 5 Phased Approach 

  1. 1
    An Introduction to You

    At Morgan Stanley, our local markets are led by a Market Executive, our Branch Managers, and their respective teams. To get started, the primary objective of the first phase of our recruiting process is for your local Market team to get to know you.  This opportunity allows them to understand what’s important to you, what makes your business unique and most importantly what are the goals you’ve set for your business and your clients.

  2. 2
    Why Morgan Stanley

    Since our Firm was established in 1935, we have held ourselves accountable to the high standard of our principal core values and a commitment to “doing first-class business in a first-class way.” More than 80 years later, we’re proud to say we are still delivering on that promise.


    Your next step brings you the opportunity to meet with your local Market team.  Here you will discover more about Morgan Stanley and the Wealth Management business, our platforms, resources, technologies as well as insight in to how they support the growth of their Financial Advisors businesses in their local marketplace.

  3. 3
    Our Diligence Process: Understanding Your Business

    In a digitally secured environment, complete our Financial Advisor profile worksheet.  The insight you provide allows your local market team to have a better understanding of your business model and structure, any complexities, along with a look at your practice’s overall business mix.

  4. 4
    Deal Economics: Your Compensation Projections

    At Morgan Stanley we take immense pride in offering mutually attractive competitive deals for experienced Financial Advisors that yield favorable compensation.  Our deal projectors provide you with clear illustrations to help outline your specific deal, financial advisor compensation and retirement if applicable.

  5. 5
    Transition Support: Helping to Make Your Move Easier

    Consistent with Morgan Stanley’s culture of excellence, our expectation is that your transition will comply with legal and Industry standards. To ensure a seamless transition, we will connect you with experienced legal counsel to represent you in dealing with legal issues regarding your transition. Our management and support teams will help you navigate through the entire transition.  

We Are Proud of Our Accomplishments
Our firm and our financial advisors have received some of the highest accolades from a range of prestigious sources. This recognition illustrates our commitment to deliver advisors and their clients an unrivalled experience across all our wealth management businesses.

The Next Step is Yours

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Find out more about joining the leader in Wealth Management by reaching out to a market executive or branch manager.