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Firmwide Sustainability

We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our business operations and activities. Our leadership, employees and stakeholders work together to drive and support our global firmwide sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Governance & Risk Management

The Nominating and Governance Committee of the Morgan Stanley Board of Directors oversees our ESG initiatives, and the Risk Committee has begun to oversee risks relating to climate change.

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Disclosure & Stakeholder Engagement

We provide decision-useful information to stakeholders, consult them and monitor relevant global frameworks to continually improve our reporting and disclosures.

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Sustainable Business Practices

Morgan Stanley is committed to integrating ESG considerations across our business practices and operations. This includes our approach to managing our supply chain, improving the resilience of our operations, fostering an inclusive workforce and engaging our employees.

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Sustainability Governance & Risk Management

As a global financial institution, our reputation is integral to our success and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders. For decades, Morgan Stanley’s strong governance and business integrity have fostered client trust and provided a foundation for success. Our core values—do the right thing, put clients first, lead with exceptional ideas, commit to diversity and inclusion, and give back—underpin this culture, support our sustainability strategy and drive everything we do. We seek to integrate ESG into our business activities and operations in partnership with support services and risk functions, such as Environmental and Social Risk Management and Firm Risk Management.


Our CSO Jessica Alsford leads our efforts to promote sustainability through the global capital markets in partnership with divisions across the firm.

For information about Morgan Stanley's approach to corporate governance more broadly, please visit our corporate governance page.


Environmental and Social Risk Management Group

Integrating environmental and social risk into our business review process is a priority and enables us to appropriately assess business opportunities. We have strong due diligence and risk management processes in place to identify, analyze and address potentially significant ESG risks to our firm or clients.

Morgan Stanley’s Environmental and Social Policy Statement sets forth environmental and social guidelines, which are incorporated into our due diligence process, engagement with companies, supplier expectations and operations. Our Statement on Human Rights, approved by our Board of Directors, enshrines our commitment to respect and uphold human rights.

Morgan Stanley monitors transactions that could expose the firm to risks raised by environmental and social issues. The Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) team provides guidance to deal teams globally on potentially material franchise risks. In-scope transactions are reviewed by ESRM and our businesses. Depending on the results of the ESRM review, transactions may be escalated to our Regional and Global Franchise Committees and to senior management.

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Disclosure & Stakeholder Engagement

We are committed to providing our key stakeholders with relevant and decision-useful information. We consult them and monitor relevant global frameworks as we work to continually improve our reporting and disclosure.


We maintain ongoing dialogues with investors and meet their requests for sustainability information. Our annual Sustainability Report focuses on investor-relevant information, using the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board framework as a guide.


We host thought leadership events around the world for clients seeking insights on sustainability topics. We also directly engage with them to better understand their ESG preferences, and collaborate on solutions and services to help meet their needs.


We encourage employees to adopt an environmentally conscious mindset through events, campaigns and our company intranet, and we also use surveys to gather feedback.

Nonprofits and Civil Society

We value nonprofit and civil society views on our sustainability strategy, and we engage in individual and small-group dialogues as well as through industry groups and third-party events.


Sustainable Business Practices

Morgan Stanley is committed to integrating ESG considerations across our business practices and operations. ESG initiatives include managing our supply chain, improving the resilience of our operations, fostering an inclusive workforce and engaging our employees.

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Morgan Stanley’s ability to build value for clients relies on our talented employees. We embrace a culture of inclusion and belonging where dedicated professionals can collaborate to produce breakthrough thinking. Our Diversity & Inclusion report outlines our strategy and KPIs.

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The Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab (MCIL) is an intensive five-month accelerator designed to help build startups founded by diverse entrepreneurs.

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The Institute for Inclusion aims to catalyze and accelerate an integrated and transparent diversity, equity and inclusion strategy to deliver the full potential of Morgan Stanley, and drive meaningful change within the firm and beyond.

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Sustainable Supply Chain


We value diversity not only among our employees, but in every aspect of our business. Our Supplier Diversity program identifies diverse-owned companies that can meet our business needs.

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We expect our suppliers to meet our core values and high standards for doing business. Our Supplier Code of Conduct lays out our requirements for human and labor rights, environmental protections and ethical business practices.

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We strive to uphold global standards for responsible business, including equal opportunity, freedom to associate and bargain collectively, and the elimination of child and forced labor. We are committed to ensure modern slavery has no part in our operations or supply chain.

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Employee Engagement


Employees are invited to participate in sustainability-related employee networks, events and campaigns. In 2019, we launched a campaign to educate employees about firm measures to mitigate the environmental impact of our physical business operations and to encourage them to adopt an environmentally conscious mindset, and make sustainable choices.


Our Code of Conduct enshrines our ethical practices and defines the behavior we expect from our people. Employees certify they understand and will adhere to these codes when they join and on an annual basis. To enable employees to fulfill their professional potential, we offer ongoing training and skills development.

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Morgan Stanley promotes several Employee Networking Groups (ENGs) across the globe, where employees can interact, learn and support each other within smaller communities while increasing their firmwide exposure, gaining professional development skills and giving back to the community through volunteer efforts.

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Operational Sustainability


We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality across our global operations.


We actively manage the environmental impact of our physical business operations and seek to minimize the associated emissions. Our strategy aims to reduce the firm’s energy, water, paper consumption and waste, helping us attain a more sustainably built operational environment.

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Our goal is to power 100% of global operational electricity needs from renewable energy sources.


Giving Back

Morgan Stanley is rooted in communities around the world, providing a unique opportunity to commit to philanthropy and public works. Learn more about our partnerships, grants, and work with nonprofits and charities.

Giving Back

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