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Investing with Impact

"To galvanize the necessary capital to have real impact, sustainable investing can’t be limited to investors willing to accept unattractive returns in order to create social good. Getting to scale requires investment products that seek attractive returns while benefiting society. This is the philosophy behind our Investing with Impact Platform."


—James Gorman, Chairman and CEO

Align Your Investments
With Your Values

Our Investing with Impact Platform offers a diverse range of funds and other investments designed to advance environmental, economic and social goals — while striving for competitive performance. We make it easy to craft an investment portfolio of any size that is tailored to meet the impact goals of your choice.

Investing with Impact Framework

Across public and private markets, differentiated by approach to shareholder engagement

Restriction Screening

Manage exposures by intentionally avoiding investments that generate revenue from objectionable activities, sectors or geographies.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Integration

Proactively consider ESG criteria alongside financial analysis to identify opportunities and risks during the investment process.

Thematic Exposure

Focus on themes and sectors dedicated to solving sustainability related domestic and global challenges.

Impact Investing

Allocate to funds focused on private enterprises that are structured to deliver specific positive social and/or environmental impacts.

Thematic Guides

Aligning Jewish Values With Philanthropy and Investing

By aligning their capital with their values, Jewish investors and philanthropists can potentially have a greater impact on the world’s problems.

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Climate Change and Fossil Fuel Aware Investing

Incorporate climate change and fossil fuel awareness into your portfolio, based on your own environmental and financial objectives.

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Gender Diversity

Develop a tailored investment approach to integrate gender diversity criteria into your portfolio. 

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Mission Align 360°

Examine all sources of capital—including human, financial and philanthropic—and determine how to best align these assets to achieve positive impact.

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Leaders in a Growing Field

Investing with Impact draws on insights and analysis from across Morgan Stanley, including the Institute for Sustainable Investing, committed to accelerating the adoption of sustainable investing through innovation and insights that inform investors and developing the next generation of leaders.