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You don't have to go it alone. A Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help you decide where you want to go — and design a plan to help you get there.
Supporting Your Goals

Managing your finances is about more than managing your investments. The Morgan Stanley Client Experience means your Financial Advisor can help support you in many aspects of your financial life – including budgeting, cash management, retirement planning and other goals.

Advice to Help You Plan Confidently

Whatever your lifestyle or family needs as a client, your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help provide the sensible advice and resources to help you make informed decisions.

The Morgan Stanley Client Experience®
Wealth Management
The Morgan Stanley Client Experience®

In a world where life events and financial challenges seem to be growing ever more complex, it's reassuring to know that you don't have to face them alone.  A Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor is a trained professional with the resources and experience to help you navigate a path forward through whatever the market has in store. We know that everyone's goals are unique...and that recent events have inspired many to rethink their priorities. 

Whatever your goals, time horizon or market conditions,a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor is someone who has tackled many of these issues before and can help guide you in most aspects of your portfolio…through what we call the Morgan Stanley Client Experience. So, what is the Morgan Stanley Client Experience? Simply put, it's what you can expect to receive when you work with a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor.

 It starts with a Personalized Plan, Followed by a customized investment strategy. Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can keep you informed with regular updates and opportunities to discuss your evolving priorities and goals.

 Your Financial Advisor will get to know you and what's most important to you for today and tomorrow. Then, they can tailor a personalized plan for you—including goals like retirement, college, tax efficiency, philanthropy, managing generational wealth, selling a business and more. Leveraging the Firm’s over 85years of experience, our thousands of Financial Advisors proudly serve households in communities all across the country.

Next, we can implement your plan with a customized investment strategy to help you achieve your unique goals. Your Financial Advisor has access to market intelligence from the Firm’s highly regarded team of analysts, strategists, and economists…as well as a full spectrum of comprehensive resources -- many which are exclusive to Morgan Stanley. 

Of course, your Financial Advisor can keep you informed with periodic portfolio updates and market commentary, and you'll be able to track your investment accounts 24/ and through the Morgan Stanley mobile app.

Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to meet regularly with your Financial Advisor to talk about important life changes, review your portfolio, discuss evolving goals and priorities, and address complex needs such as estate planning and liquidity events, if needed.

It's all available to you the way you like person at a local Morgan Stanley branch, by phone, or through a digitally powered environment. 

To learn more about the Morgan Stanley Client Experience and how we can help you chart a clear path to what's possible, contact your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor or find a Financial Advisor near you today. Visit

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Set Goals. Develop a Plan. Track Your Progress.
Education. Retirement. Legacy. Whatever you want to accomplish, your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help you design a plan to achieve it.
Wealth Management
Delivering on Our Promises
You can feel positive about working with us. The way we serve our clients has earned recognition and multiple accolades.*
Wealth Management
What to expect from a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor
Our Financial Advisors’ experience, access to industry-leading resources, and a higher standard of excellence can help you achieve what’s important to you.

Specialized Advice for Distinct Needs

Do you have a more complex situation that needs custom solutions? We offer targeted experience for institutions, families and individuals with significant wealth, sports and entertainment professionals, and business professionals living outside the U.S.

Find a Financial Advisor who fits your needs

No matter what you want to accomplish, our Financial Advisors will work with you to provide ongoing, comprehensive planning and investment advice to help you succeed.

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