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Protecting Your Online Security



At Morgan Stanley, safeguarding your assets and personal information is among our highest priorities. Learn about our security measures and use our resources and ideas to help protect yourself online. 







Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We offer multiple strong authentication options to verify your identity and protect access to your accounts. These options include device registration, one-time security codes, authenticator apps, push notifications and security keys.

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Alerts and Notifications

We will automatically send you alerts and notifications when certain activity or changes occur, like when your username or password is updated. You can also opt into cash management alerts, like debit card transactions or low balance alerts.

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Identity and Credit Protection from Experian®

As a complimentary benefit to clients with a Morgan Stanley CashPlus Account, we offer a package of identity and credit protection services.

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With VoiceID, we can seamlessly confirm your identity when you call the Morgan Stanley Service Center. When you enroll in VoiceID, we will create and store a voiceprint, like a verbal fingerprint, that will be used to authenticate you on future calls.

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Security Center

Safeguarding your assets and information is one of our highest priorities, but you also have a critical role to play. Check out our collection of practical takeaways and best practices from our cybersecurity professionals, then explore a few of the ways we help protect you.

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

When someone logs into your account, we evaluate the login and flag unusual or potentially high-risk activities in real time to identify indications of attempted fraud. If necessary, we will change account numbers and put affected accounts on heightened alert with additional fraud monitoring.

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Proactive Defenses

Our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts is drawn from former senior professionals at government security agencies and the technology industry. Combining our technology and human capital investments, Morgan Stanley has built an expert cyber defense organization in-house.

Fusion Resilience Center

Morgan Stanley’s Fusion Resilience Center has locations around the globe that are responsible for assessing, detecting and responding to cyber threats on a 24/7 basis.

Threat Landscape Monitoring

We monitor and participate in many government and industry forums to help us gather insights and improve our defenses.

Employee Training and Testing

Our employees are regularly trained and tested to ensure and strengthen compliance with Morgan Stanley and regulatory guidelines. 

Our Security Pledge


In the unlikely event that cyber activity breaches our security measures, we will reimburse you for losses on your Morgan Stanley accounts that are a result of the unauthorized access to our systems through no fault of your own.

Online Security Center

Reporting an Online Security Concern

If you suspect you may be the victim of fraud or identity theft, or if you notice suspicious account activity or receive a questionable email or text that appears to be from Morgan Stanley, please contact us immediately at



(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)


For international clients, please contact your Morgan Stanley client representative immediately to report any online fraud or security concerns.