Unlocking the Value of Equity and Liquidity in Today's Market

Join us for workshops where you will learn from the experienced Morgan Stanley at Work team as they explore timely topics impacting private companies.

Virtual Workshop Series 

In today’s market climate, some private companies may be wondering how to navigate complex headwinds as they plan for an IPO, liquidity event or potential option repricing. Others may be looking for strategies to help employees realize the full potential of equity compensation or take their plans global.


In this six-part Private Markets Workshop series, learn from our experienced team as they explore timely topics impacting private companies today, from getting transaction ready in uncertain times and valuation practices to demystifying tender offers and improving participant experience. 

  1. 1
    Getting Transaction Ready: Preparing for a Liquidity Event or IPO in Uncertain Times
  2. 2
    Valuations 360: Understanding the 409A Process and Avoiding Pitfalls
  3. 3
    What is a Tender Offer? Demystifying the Complexity of Private Company Liquidity Events
  4. 4
    Equity Plan Management 101: Building a Culture of Ownership from the Ground Up
  5. 5
    Engaged is Empowered: Making the Most of Benefits and Support for Your Employees in the Face of Unpredictability
  6. 6
    Going Beyond the Border: Offering and Managing Equity Globally