What is a Tender Offer?

Jul 4, 2023

Demystifying the Complexity of Private Company Liquidity Events.

As more companies choose to stay private longer, shareholders may have to wait years for a traditional liquidity event like an IPO. This leaves some private company leaders to wonder: how can my equity compensation program continue to incentivize and reward employees? One solution is to help employees realize the value of some of their equity through a tender offer or other shareholder liquidity event. 


Watch the virtual workshop on private company liquidity for the opportunity to learn: 


  • What a tender offer is, how the tender offer process works and what the potential advantages of running one are 

  • How to know if a tender offer may be right for your company 

  • How to get prepared for not only a tender offer, but any potential private company equity transaction 

  • Alternative paths to liquidity for private companies 

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