Charitable Giving

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) provides a simple and accessible way for your organization and employees to give back.

Simplify Giving with a Donor Advised Fund

DAFs can help companies and employees pursue their philanthropic goals via a simple, streamlined, digital experience. DAFs allow donors to donate cash or other financial assets, and potentially receive tax benefits for their charitable giving (1). The funds can be invested for potential capital appreciation while the donor recommends how they should be donated. Corporate donors may also offer their employees the opportunity to recommend charities to receive donations.

The Morgan Stanley at Work Charitable Giving Program

Our Charitable Giving offering features two types of DAF accounts—referred to as “giving accounts”— that support both your company’s philanthropic objectives as well as individual employee giving. With low fees and a variety of investment options backed by the knowledge of Morgan Stanley's investing experience, our giving accounts make donor-advised funds more accessible to your workforce. We help to break down barriers of entry and simplify the process, so you can empower your organization and employees to pursue their philanthropic goals. (2)

Corporate Giving Account
Corporate clients can open an account and contribute assets, then recommend how to invest the funds, how to grant funds and/or allocate rewards so employees can recommend how funds are used. (3)
Individual Giving Account
Employees of corporate clients will have the opportunity to open their own Individual Giving Account, with a $250 minimum contribution amount, to recommend on how funds are disbursed.

Encouraging Philanthropy in the Workplace

Today’s employees live their values—and they expect their employers to do the same. Workplace charitable giving programs represent effective vehicles to give, grow and do good, helping to benefit companies and employees alike.


of employees believe it’s no longer acceptable for companies to just make money; companies must positively impact society as well. (4)


is raised through workplace giving annually. (5)

Let’s Start the Conversation
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Enabling Organizations and Teams to Do Good

Offering our charitable giving solution to your employee base can provide a variety of potential advantages:

  • Potential recruitment and retention of philanthropic-minded employees.
  • Capital appreciation potential for donated funds. (6)
  • Potential tax benefits from contributions, as with contributions to any 501(c)(3).
  • Morgan Stanley-created education around gifting.
  • Flexibility and accessibility of gifting.
  • Ability to promote company philanthropic priorities.
  • A DAF program, including gifting and investment capabilities, from an experienced provider with 20 years of experience.

We’re Here to Help

Our Charitable Giving offering is designed to help make workplace giving simple and seamless.

  1. Resources you need, all in one place.

    Our digital donation portal makes it simple to open a corporate giving account for your organization, or let individual employees open their own—with low account deposit minimums.7

  2. Modern user experience.

    The portal allows users to view their account, become familiar with charity details and set up granting preferences intuitively.

  3. Transparency at every step.

    Participants can view their grant history, access tax information and investment performance overviews and more, all on an accessible digital platform.

  4. Education on giving.

    We provide educational resources to help employees learn about charitable giving, the benefits of donor-advised funds, and how to get started with their giving account.

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