Private-to-Public Transaction Readiness

Take your company through the next stage of growth with a streamlined workflow to help you confidently and efficiently prepare for equity transactions.

Prepare Today, Transact Tomorrow

Whether it’s via an initial public offering, special purpose acquisition company, or direct public offering, going public can be a rigorous process—especially in uncertain market conditions. Proactively preparing for a liquidity event can help your company minimize delays, create efficiencies and reduce risk.

Plan for a Liquidity Event

Prepare an efficient workflow to effectively handle equity transactions, from processing and settlement to recording Here are a few important considerations to remaining transaction-ready in uncertain market conditions:

Establish Accuracy
Organize your equity plan and keep it up to date. Through a data health check, you can ensure ownership and demographic data is accurate pre-transaction.
Optimize Your Process
Put the right systems in place to ensure your information stays updated. Automate and integrate payroll and HR systems to help streamline complex workflows.
Manage Compliance Requirements
Gain familiarity with international legal and tax regulations and ensure that your employees’ location data is tracked somewhere.
Engage Shareholders
Keep your shareholders informed. Access to educational resources and guidance can help them understand their equity and make better-informed financial decisions.
Let’s Start the Conversation
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Explore Our Liquidity Solutions

Make liquidity more accessible by simplifying how your organization manages its liquidity events. Confidently navigate every transaction with tailored support and modern technology.

Tender Offers
Simplify workflows and provide liquidity to your shareholders while maintaining control of your cap table.
Controlled Liquidity
Manage and approve secondary transactions across your shareholder base.
Company-Led Events
Utilize our platform for company sponsored events such as dividend payouts, distributions, terminated employee repurchases, mergers & acquisitions, and more.

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