Tender Offers

Simplify workflows and provide liquidity to your shareholders while maintaining control of your cap table.

Company Sponsored Liquidity Throughout your Lifecycle

Structure and execute tender offers with administrative ease, allowing shareholders to realize the value of their ownership under your control.

One Place, One Workflow
Manage the entire tender offer process in one centralized location and let participants follow the transaction from start to finish.
Reduced Administrative Burdens
Integrated platform solution from transaction structuring to updating the cap table, with proceeds delivered automatically to the seller’s brokerage account at settlement.
Holistic Shareholder Experience
A modern user interface makes it easy for stakeholders to participate while we provide employees with an integrated education offering.

Play a Central Role in Your Company’s Future

We’ll help you configure eligibility, set maximum selling amounts, determine timing, and more. Manage liquidity with certainty and give your shareholders and employees the optionality they desire.

Frame #1

If you offer equity compensation, you may see it as an integral part of your employees’ compensation


Frame #2

And your company’s future.

But converting shares to cash isn’t always simple.

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The new Tender Offer Experience on the Shareworks Platform can help to make tender offers more seamless.


Frame #2

The entire tender offer process


Frame #3

All in one place.


Frame #4

An intuitive process for participants to sell their shares. 

Frame #1

Administrators can easily add in the terms and required documents for the offer


Frame #2

As well as any custom notes for participants.


Frame #3

Participants can review, accept, consent, and sign-off on documents all in one location.

Frame #1

Understanding the offer is intuitive.


Frame #2

Participants can decide which shares to sell – and how many.

Frame #1:

An easy to understand summary page for participants


Frame 2:

helps to ensure that minimum or maximum requirements are adhered to.

Frame #1:

Participant proceeds are delivered automatically into their chosen brokerage account at settlement.


Frame #1

After consent and sign off, a straightforward timeline helps Participants to track the offer from start to settlement.


Frame #2:

So they can plan ahead.

Learn more about the new tender offer experience by visiting shareworks.com/liquidity-events

Is a Tender Offer the Right Choice for You?

Tender offers can provide a host of benefits to growing companies:

Reward Your Employees
An opportunity for liquidity can give your employees a sense of ownership and foster a strong company culture.
Control Your Cap Table
Tender offers allow companies to have complete oversight of a private market liquidity event.
Create Space for Value-Add Shareholders
Your cap table should grow with your company. Clear the way for new shareholders without experiencing dilution.
Let’s Start the Conversation
Tell us a bit about your workplace and a member of our team will reach out to discuss your unique needs.

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