Controlled Liquidity

Manage and approve secondary transactions across your shareholder base.

Manage Transactions with Total Control

Should your company allow for direct secondary transactions, we can help streamline the internal workflow process. Our tool allows sellers to initiate approved transactions, while giving administrators the visibility they need.

Intuitive Experience
On approved transactions, shareholders can transact from an easy-to-use workflow that’s integrated with your company’s equity management platform.
Seamless Internal Review
Administrators can view all transaction information on a single digital platform, streamlining internal reviews and tracking the transaction process.
Fewer Spreadsheets, Fewer Emails
Simple-but-essential integrations eliminate paperwork and help ensure accuracy, including effortless integration with your organization’s cap table.
Let’s Start the Conversation
Tell us a bit about your workplace and a member of our team will reach out to discuss your unique needs.

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