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  • Aug 23, 2023

Own Your Financial Future: Empowering the Next Generation of Stars

Discover how Morgan Stanley’s Money in the Making™ financial-education program empowers young stars in sports and entertainment to reach new heights.

In the pursuit of greatness, young stars in sports and entertainment pour their heart and soul into their craft. With early mornings and long, rigorous days and nights, they burn the candle at both ends, fueled by the relentless desire to shine bright on the world’s stage.

Yet, while passion and talent drive them forward, there is another crucial aspect of their journeys—the money moves made behind the scenes. In reality, these money moves are critical to helping young stars set themselves up for success in life today, tomorrow and long after their primes or careers come to an end.

Enter Money in the Making™, the ultimate digital financial education program built for the stars and leaders of tomorrow who are ready to shine bright today.

The goal of Money in the Making™ is simple: to empower the next generation of talent with the financial resources and insights they need to reach new heights. That could be a college athlete navigating the name, image and likeness (NIL) marketplace, a young entertainer or fashion designer building their brand and repertoire, a new recording artist managing streaming royalties or an influencer making waves on social media.

This game-changing program features in-depth videos, podcasts and articles on topics that today’s young and emerging talent needs to understand, such as:

  • Finding and evaluating NIL deals
  • Starting a business
  • Building a brand
  • Managing sudden wealth and narrow earning windows
  • Avoiding common financial pitfalls
  • Budgeting
  • Investing

Money in the Making™ is an evolving, on-demand resource that aims to fit seamlessly into the busy schedules and eventful lives of today’s rising talent. It will be accessible anytime, anywhere.

There are no fees or paywalls. There is no complex jargon. Just real tools, real content, real knowledge and a holistic experience that will demystify finance and equip users with the financial education to empower tomorrow’s stars to build their empires and navigate their wealth journeys—doing it their way, on their time.

We are offering this resource now because this demographic is in urgent need of financial education and guidance, perhaps more than ever before. NIL deals, social media advertising and brand marketing to that first professional playing or performance contract—today’s young and emerging stars have myriad opportunities to profit from their talent, hard work and dedication and, ultimately, turn their passions into professions that will sustain them for a lifetime.

The journey of these young stars is rarely straightforward. Even before they may seek or require the counsel of a dedicated Financial Advisor, these individuals (along with their families and close circles) need trusted professional and expert guidance to help them make the most of their growth opportunities while they protect and manage their wealth.

This is precisely why Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment has built Money in the Making™. We have set the stage for financial education and empowerment, so that tomorrow’s stars can take their place front and center, equipped with the tools, resources and knowledge to achieve financial success. It is now their moment to shine, to make savvy money moves and to realize their untapped potential—under the lights and behind the scenes.

Ready to start building your legacy and a brighter financial future? Visit Money in the Making™ today. 

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