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A division of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management dedicated to serving the unique and sophisticated needs of professional athletes and entertainers.

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Forging a Legacy: Greatness is Measured in Moments

In the world of sports and entertainment, greatness is measured in moments.

The moments that take our breath away. That defy the odds.

The moments that inspire us to achieve new heights and rethink what’s possible. 

But really, every great moment has years of preparation behind it.

A thousand obstacles overcome. A team that pushed you forward.

Coaches who shaped your raw talent into a masterpiece worthy of the world stage.

At Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment, our firm is global, but our mission is personal.

We strive to keep you at the top of your game. Not just for a season, or a career. But for your entire life.

And generations after.

Because while the great are measured in moments.

Legends are defined by their legacy.

Morgan Stanley. Global Sports & Entertainment.

Solutions Built Around You

You have that something extra, the star quality, the intangibles that put you on top in fiercely competitive industries. You already have the vision but you may need the plan. Your distinct needs inspired the creation of Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment.


Players, Performers, Creators

have distinct financial profiles


Translating our understanding to

actionable financial strategy


Putting the resources of

Morgan Stanley to work for you


Helping you achieve your

goals for greater success

Global Sports and Entertainment Directors

are uniquely qualified to address the needs of:




Every sports and entertainment profession is unique with its own characteristics, earnings profile and variable career span. You require a Financial Advisor who knows the industry and how money flows from your work to your wallet. Our Financial Advisors are Global Sports and Entertainment Directors, chosen for their advanced experience working within very specific fields. They understand the total financial picture and craft creative financial strategies that account for the unique challenges and dynamics of our clients’ careers.


Money in the Making™

red carpet with red ropes

Money in the Making™

Discover how Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment’s digital financial-education program empowers young stars to reach new heights.

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footballer diving for a ball

Lessons in Leadership

Listen to an exclusive conversation with Larry Fitzgerald, Jr., former NFL player and financial education advocate. 

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Your Dream, Our Team

Morgan Stanley and the NFLPA have collaborated to help bring you the tools to build your own wealth, for generations to come. Consider it your greatest play of all time.

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Embrace the Power of Team

Working Behind the Scenes

Your life is filled with people who have supported and encouraged you. Our Sports and Entertainment Directors are an integral part of that team, working alongside your agent, business manager and personal confidants. We believe that a cohesive and connected team is best suited to help high achievers make smart choices about their wealth.

Backed by 80 Years of Excellence

For over 80 years, Morgan Stanley has worked with individuals, institutions, corporations and governments to bring visionary ideas to life and enable positive change in the world. Delivering the full resources of the firm, we can help you with complex or aspirational goals such as philanthropy, business development, and monetizing revenue streams from your work.

A Mission to Give Back

The media is filled with stories of successful athletes and entertainers who have surprising financial setbacks. We’re committed to changing that story line. We’ve developed financial education programs for sports and entertainment veterans and emerging talent, including collegiate athletes as part of our mission to give back to the sports and entertainment communities.

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