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Morgan Stanley Thematic Baskets: Making Research Investable

Thematic Basket UITs offer an exclusive and differentiated single-transaction method for investing in innovative research opportunities across a wide variety of market sectors and investment themes. The securities are selected by Morgan Stanley investment professionals and are fixed over each investment’s specified life.

Investing in disruption

Thematic Baskets make it easy to invest in a market insight, a disruptive trend, or any other investable objective—from providing dividend income to taking advantage of shifts in a specific industry that may impact multiple sectors. Thematic Baskets offer:


Differentiated offerings that are only available through a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor


Thematic Baskets harness original research and innovative investment strategies to create portfolios across a variety of market sectors and investment themes


Thematic Baskets offer full transparency into the insights of our portfolio managers and research analysts

Powerful Ideas

Insights sourced from the full scale and global reach of the Firm

Investable Products

Original research and innovative solutions

Product Approval

Products are evaluated and approved by experienced investors

Ongoing Oversight

Products are continuously monitored 


Opportunistic Portfolios

Some of our portfolios convert disruptive trends into timely investable products or take advantage of the context of current market conditions that may have a limited horizon. As trends shift, so will the flow of ideas that our teams convert into UITs.

Recurring Portfolios

Others are built around recurring goals that are less susceptible to changing trends or economic conditions—generating dividend income, for example. At maturity, these UITs offer the option of rolling over into a new series of the same portfolio.

Global Best Business Models, Series 4 Global Best Business Models, Series 4 - Prospectus Growth at a Reasonable Price Strategy, Series 3 Growth at a Reasonable Price Strategy, Series 3 - Prospectus Quality Dividend Strategy, Series 7 Quality Dividend Strategy, Series 7 - Prospectus


A record of IRS Form 8937 – “Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities” – provided by the Trustee to the Morgan Stanley Unit Investment Trusts (the “Trusts”)

Access the 2021 Trustee's Annual Reports - provided by the Trustee for Morgan Stanley Unit Investment Trusts.

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