Make investing easier with Core Portfolios

Morgan Stanley has joined with E*TRADE to present Core Portfolios, an automated, digital investing platform—also known as a robo-advisor. Core Portfolios offers a personalized, convenient and low-cost way to start making progress toward your goals.

Core Portfolios: Automated investment management

Tell us about your goals, time frame and risk tolerance. We’ll take the guesswork out of investing by building a diversified portfolio for you. Our team of professionals1, paired with automated technology, handles day-today investing and adjusts your portfolio to help keep you on track.


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    Invest or trade on your own

    Build your portfolio with access to easy-to-use tools, resources and help whenever you need it

    Commission Free Trading


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    Phone in for advice when you need it

    Get assistance from a team of highly skilled Financial Advisors

    A dedicated Financial Advisor

    Collaborate with a dedicated Financial Advisor for ongoing, comprehensive planning and management

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