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One day soon, you may be able to buy coverage directly from your automaker, GPS app, or mobile carrier—or you may not need any at all. Jon Hocking navigates.

Once autonomous vehicles are commonplace, the market structure changes completely. Lots of these vehicles will be fleet operated. The type of risk will be very different, so it’s more of commercial lines product rather that a retail line product.

Get more coverage on European macro, market and financial sector trends and outlook, including:

Banks & Asset Managers Shift Gears—in Different Directions
Even as revenues potentially diverge for banks and asset managers, consumer could still benefit through lower fees and more lending.

Could Better European Economy Reshape Policies & Politics?
After years of lackluster growth and lowflation, Europe is finally showing signs of a sustainable turnaround, one that may have far-reaching impact.

Asset Managers Must Adapt to Low-Fee World
The shift to passive investing tools, namely ETFs, means investors pay less for performance—good for pensioners, not so much for asset managers.

Credit Conditions in Europe Are About to Change
Banking sector could start to see a shift away from the tight regulatory environment of past few years.

UK Banks Prove Resilient Despite Post-Brexit Fears
So far, fears of a recession and other bear-case scenarios haven’t materialized, which is good news for British banks.

European Banks Look for Regulatory Relief
Clarity on the direction of existing and new rules could provide a positive catalyst for the financial sector.

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