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  • Access & Opportunity Podcast
  • Dec 12, 2018

Shaking up an Age-Old Industry

Hosted by Carla Harris
With Julia Collins, co-founder of Zume Pizza

Carla Harris talks with Julia Collins of Zume Pizza about how she’s disrupting the food industry, looking to solve world hunger and leveraging automation to improve the quality of human lives.

We have to think about how to move forward and how to create a better future for food."
Julia Collins Co-founder of Zume

Founded in May 2016, Zume Pizza grew from a workforce of three people to over 150. In that time, Collins has closed on nearly half a billion dollars of investment capital, a true feat for a multicultural founder. This isn’t the first time Julia has launched an incredible business, and it won’t be her last. After a career in hospitality, from Danny Meyers Union Square Hospitality Group to Murray’s Cheese, Julia went out on her own to start Mexicue and Zume. Her strategy? Deliver healthy, delicious food faster than anyone else.

In this episode of Access & Opportunity, Carla Harris talks with Collins about how she’s disrupting the food and restaurant industry. Whether by considering how to solve world hunger or how to leverage automation to improve the quality of human lives, Julia will teach us how she used her experience to help make change. 

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