Morgan Stanley
  • Access & Opportunity Podcast
  • Jul 20, 2020

Keeping It Black: 'Cultural Competence' Is Key

Hosted by Carla Harris

Carla speaks with Kesha Cash of the Impact America Fund and Diishan Imira, founder of Mayvenn, on what brought them together, the hurdles they faced and their relationships with the communities that sustain them.

Welcome to Access and Opportunity, Season 6. This season, we are looking at the relationships behind the deal. We'll be talking to women venture capitalists who are working to change the funding landscape and a founder of one of their portfolio companies. In this episode, we welcome venture capitalist Kesha Cash, who has spent nearly a decade focused on impact investing. Currently, Kesha serves as the Founder and General Partner of Impact America Fund, the largest black-women-led impact VC firm in the U.S., and a fund that invests with a racial equity lens. We also welcome Diishan Imira, Founder and CEO of Mayvenn, the technology platform that not only provides high-quality beauty products, but that also empowers beauty professionals to grow their business, while providing their clients with exceptional customer support.

Kesha and Impact America Fund first invested in Mayvenn back in 2014. Since then, Mayvenn has become the fund's largest investment. Kesha and Diishan share with us the importance of investing in the black small-business community, the ways in which they've managed to build a healthy relationship as entrepreneur and investor, and the strategic decisions that guided them through the unexpected impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Come on and join us for the ride.

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