Morgan Stanley
  • Access & Opportunity Podcast
  • May 8, 2020

A Time for Empathy

hosted by Carla Harris
with Freada Kapor Klein, of Kapor Capital

Carla Harris checks in with Freada Kapor Klein, Founding Partner at Kapor Capital, on how she continues to seek impact in the time of COVID-19.

Welcome back to Access & Opportunity. In these unprecedented times of COVID-19,  we're checking in with some of our favorite guests from previous seasons to understand how they're adjusting their schedules, their businesses, their outlook, and their investing styles. In this episode, Carla welcomes back Dr. Freada Kapor Klein, Founding Partner at Kapor Capital and founder and co-chair of the Kapor Center for Social Impact.

Dr. Kapor Klein appeared in season one and in season three, so we wanted to see how, despite the current circumstances, she continues to create opportunities for underserved communities and to close the gap in the venture funding landscape. We discuss how she's thinking about new investments, how she sees the challenges and the silver linings that many startup businesses are facing in the time of COVID-19, and specifically, how it's affecting early-stage companies, the investing community, and the VC community.

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