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MS POOL is a real-time continuous match dark liquidity pool. It matches eligible orders at or within the best bid and offer, attempting midpoint execution or as close to midpoint as possible. MS POOL employs price/capacity/size/time matching priority, which encourages size and deemphasizes speed (rather than prioritizing time over size).

MS POOL FIX Specification
MS POOL Suspended Stock List - April 2024
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MS RPOOL is a real-time continuous match dark liquidity pool that matches orders from SEC registered broker-dealer clients on behalf of retail customers (i.e., retail brokers), eligible institutional customers of Morgan Stanley and its affiliates, including institutional customers who are SEC registered investment advisers, pension funds, endowments and asset managers (i.e., institutional customers), and Morgan Stanley and its affiliates acting as or on behalf of eligible retail brokers or eligible institutional customers, or acting as principal. All executions in MS RPOOL occur at midpoint of the best bid and offer, providing price improvement to all orders matched in MS RPOOL. MS RPOOL also accepts conditional indications that represent a non-firm willingness to transact.

MS RPOOL FIX Specification
MS RPOOL Suspended Stock List - April 2024

MS Trajectory Cross

MS Trajectory Cross is a dark pool designed to provide matches over time intervals for orders that certain Morgan Stanley algorithms handle. Potential matches are determined based on overlapping trajectories of algorithm orders and executions will receive volume weighted average price (“VWAP”) pricing for the relevant time interval.

MS Trajectory Cross ATS-N Filling
MS Trajectory Cross FIX Specification
MS Trajectory Cross Suspended Stocks List - April 2024
MS Long Cross

Other Relevant Documents

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Other Regions

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User Guidelines for HK MS Trajectory Cross - April 2023
ASIC Required Public Disclosure for Australia MS POOL – September 2020