Cap Table Management

Simplify cap table management and provide a unified, real-time view for stakeholders with an intuitive digital solution.

Manage with Peace of Mind

As your company grows, don’t let cap table complexity get in the way. From startup to IPO, our solutions and experience have helped thousands of private companies simplify management and realize the benefits of their equity plan.


servicing participants in over 178 countries1


combined public and private stock plan clients globally.2


stock plan participants served.3

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Features

No more spreadsheets or tedious version control—gaining insight into your company’s equity plan is easier than ever. Enable better-informed decisions with intuitive drag-and-drop reporting and leverage high-performance modeling to quickly evaluate new financing rounds, management carve-outs and exits.

Efficient and Built for Transparency

This is your cap table as it should be: clear, shareable and up-to-date.

Comprehensive Reporting
Diluted, issued, outstanding—the details are here. Answer virtually any question with the master cap table workbook report, tailored to your reporting needs.
Cloud-Based Collaboration
Leave version control errors in the past. With a single real-time data source, stakeholders have on-demand access to an overview of their equity ownership.
Digital Stock Certificates
Skip the paperwork. We support certificated, uncertificated and electronic stock certificates that are easy to download and integrate with your ledger.
Let’s Start the Conversation
Tell us a bit about your workplace and a member of our team will reach out to discuss your unique needs.

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