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  • Wealth Management
  • May 15, 2023

Road to Retirement

Whatever lifestyle you envision for retirement, it’s essential to plan ahead so that your retirement savings will last.

Retirement planning is a journey, and not one that you can “set and forget.” It’s never too early to put a strategy in place and surround yourself with skilled professionals who can help you build towards a secure future. Morgan Stanley Virtual Advisor is here to help all along the way!

Saving for Retirement

When it comes to planning for retirement, time really is money. The earlier you start saving, the more time your money has to potentially grow in line with the markets. 

For illustrative purposes only, not indicative of any specific investment type. Assumes an 8% return and the reinvestment of earnings. A plan of systematic savings does not ensure a profit or prevent a loss in a declining market. Actual results may vary.

Nearing Retirement

Life in retirement has many individual variations, but the “retirement spending smile” pattern can help most people build a plan that accounts for this common pattern of expenses.


Living in Retirement

There is a 70% chance that an American aged 65 or older will need long-term care at some point.4

Building Your A-Team: The Benefits of Working with Morgan Stanley Virtual Advisor

Morgan Stanley Virtual Advisor’s team of knowledgeable financial advisors provide educational resources to help you make important decisions about your investments and financial goals, including retirement. We utilize tools—including calculators, scenario planning, simulation modeling, and more—to help you feel more prepared for retirement. We aim to simplify the retirement planning process and help you tailor a plan to your individual goals and ideal lifestyle in retirement.

Download the full infographic for thoughtful guidance as you work towards achieving the retirement you envision.