Morgan Stanley

Learn how the Morgan Stanley Foundation supported Diane Irving's decade of giving back to the Florence Fuller Centers, a nonprofit she says saved her life.

Within a month after moving into a new home in Boca Raton as an expectant mother, Diane Irving, a Business Service Manager in Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley, found herself the sole bread winner for her family.

“My husband lost his job and got very sick,” she recalls. It was 1988, and Diane began to feel pressure at home and work. “We had my son a month later and lived on my income. It was really, really rough.”  Bills racked up, and their household had costly demands that put childcare out of reach. Then she found the Florence Fuller Child Development Centers. “I was living the need for what this school brought to the community,” she says.

She leaned heavily on the daycare and pre-schooling the nonprofit provides for years to help her son and daughter, born in 1990. Diane has spent the last 10 years giving back to the Center, as well as encouraging other Morgan Stanley employees to volunteer. To enhance their commitment, the Morgan Stanley Foundation matches employee volunteering hours with monetary support for the center.

“I will say it again and again: They saved my life, so I owe them for as long as I can possibly continue,” says Diane. 

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