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  • Nov 11, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions for Veterans

Want to pursue a career in financial services? Start here and learn how Morgan Stanley can help you.

Why should I consider a career at Morgan Stanley?

Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services institution that prides itself on a workforce with a variety of backgrounds, talents, perspectives and experiences. We’re not just looking for great resumes; we’re looking for great people who will advance our mission of serving clients well by leading with exceptional ideas. In the words of our CEO James Gorman, “Our DNA, our culture and our history are rooted in serving our clients.”  If you are interested in working at a premier financial services firm, then Morgan Stanley should be at the top of your list. 

What does a typical Morgan Stanley career path look like for a Veteran?

Veterans at Morgan Stanley enjoy varied careers across the globe. It’s up to you to shape your career path and determine where you want to go based on your interests and goals. Be sure to seek input from the mentors and sponsors you’ll meet along the way. 

Does my military service count as years of professional experience?

Yes. Your military credentials will be factored into our assessment of your candidacy and seniority. 

Can I apply if my military work experience is not related to financial services?

Yes. We look for talent from across all professional areas, disciplines and backgrounds. Your service gives you unique tools that will help you succeed at Morgan Stanley. 

Can I still apply if I plan to stay in the Reserves?

Yes and we appreciate your continued dedication to protecting your country. 

How will Morgan Stanley help me transition to the corporate world?

Morgan Stanley employees are committed to supporting Veterans in their transition to the private sector.  Your team will be ready to help you navigate the Firm and its culture. Additionally, there are multiple resources available to support your transition. There is a Veterans Employee Networking Group, whose members are Veterans and supporters of the Veterans community. These colleagues and others will be available to answer your questions and may even serve as mentors down the road. 

How does Morgan Stanley support Veterans who are already at the Firm?

Morgan Stanley supports Veterans primarily through its Veterans Employee Networking Group efforts.  The “VENG” hosts a variety of networking events, professional development sessions and philanthropic engagements with Veterans throughout the year. Veterans can also participate in other employee initiatives at the Firm including the Family Network Employee Networking Group, Women's Business Alliance, Black and Latino Employee Networking Group and others. Click here for a complete list of the Firm’s Employee Networking Groups.

Do I need an MBA, CFA or FINRA license to apply?

It depends on your desired role and career path. If you are applying to a specific position, please check the role description. If instead you are interested in a general area of Morgan Stanley, please submit your resume to our general applications via our veterans home page.  You will be informed of any additional application requirements and deadlines. Also, note that most FINRA licenses are sponsored by the Firm unless a role requires that you have a license at the time of hire.