How to start that first conversation with a Financial Advisor

Investing can be complicated. Choosing a Financial Advisor shouldn’t be. Here are important questions to ask to find the right one for you and topics to discuss to help ensure you’re heard and get the results you’re looking for.

Five Questions to Ask Before You Pick a Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley’s Financial Advisors are collaborative, knowledgeable and available on your schedule. Find out exactly how our individualized approach sets us apart and how we can help make sure your money works harder.

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You've earned this. You put in the work to build up your nest egg. Now you're ready for a Financial Advisor to help ensure it's managed right. So you can live the life you want, the one you enjoy now, well after you retire. But you have questions. And maybe some reservations about having so many questions. Or questions about which questions you should even be asking in the first place. At Morgan Stanley, we understand these feelings. We've been helping people work through them for decades. And it all starts with listening. What's the first step? Well, you interview us. You might ask how we've helped clients like you reach their retirement goals, without compromising their family's needs and ambitions? Or what we can help you invest in that you can't find on your own? What are the costs? Most importantly, how exactly will we go about getting to know you? Not just all the intricacies of your financial situation, but you as a person and your loved ones too. Your passions and aspirations, as well as your challenges and concerns. How would we work together going forward? Beyond scheduled meetings, will we be readily available when something unexpected comes up? Ask away. We're here to listen. And provide honest answers, so you can find the right professional for you. Then, when you're ready, we'll build a personalized financial plan that puts you on track for success. And that's just the beginning.  Your Financial Advisor and their team will dedicate themselves to making sure you feel confident and secure...

Delivering you the Morgan Stanley client experience, every step of the way.  Because we know how hard you've worked to get here.    

Now let's make sure what you've earned works harder...To get you where you want to go next. Together, let's build your plan for life. 

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