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Navigating Real Estate & Homeownership in 2024

May 31, 2024

Mortgage rates are forecast to drop in 2024, but affordability likely won’t return to pre-pandemic levels. Here’s what that means for buyers, sellers, investors and policymakers.

Your home may be, in some ways, your most complicated financial asset. You might have sentimental attachments to the place where you have raised your family, renovated to your ideal vision or simply made years’ worth of memories.

But for many people, their home is also their primary source of wealth. That means the equity in their home is a key part of their financial plan if they are buying a new property, helping loved ones pay for their educations or funding retirement and healthcare costs.

What’s more, the state of the real estate market is not just important to homeowners. Investors consider both the residential and commercial real estate markets to determine what makes sense in their portfolios, while the equitable availability of housing is a widespread societal issue.

In Morgan Stanley’s wrap-up of the latest real estate trends, we’re looking at strategies for would-be buyers in today’s market, including:

  • when to make an all-cash offer
  • how to buy a new home while selling your current home
  • how your investment portfolio can allow you to help a loved one buy a home.

You’ll also find an episode of our Thoughts on the Market podcast, in which our Co-Heads of Securitized Products Research, Jay Bacow and Jim Egan, share their outlook for mortgage rates. This is a key consideration for potential sellers, who are worried about losing favorable rates on existing mortgages, as well as potential buyers, who may have been sitting out the market and waiting for rates to go down.

Investors may want to consider opportunities in the demand for providers of senior housing, medical care and home care, as nearly a quarter of the U.S. population will be 65 or older by 2060.

Finally, see how Morgan Stanley is working with U.S. states’ housing finance agencies to raise capital that helps low-income homebuyers make down payments.

Learn more about all of these topics below.

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