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Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Launches Two Sustainable Investing Portfolios on UMA Platform

Sep 15, 2014

Enhanced Investing with Impact Platform Expands Opportunities for Clients Seeking Sustainable Investing Solutions

New York —


Enhanced Investing with Impact Platform Expands Opportunities for Clients Seeking Sustainable Investing Solutions

NEW YORK, September 15, 2014 – Morgan Stanley Wealth Management today announced the creation of two sustainable investing portfolios for its Select Unified Managed Account (UMA) Platform. These new portfolios – Investing with Impact Balanced and Investing with Impact Equity – will provide Morgan Stanley Wealth Management clients the opportunity to effectively align their financial goals with their personal values.

The Investing with Impact Portfolios (Balanced and Equity) were constructed by Consulting Group’s Portfolio Advisory Services (PAS) using the Firm’s established investment philosophy and process. Available on the UMA platform, the portfolios leverage Firmwide portfolio construction resources including asset allocation advice, manager research, risk management and ongoing portfolio monitoring to provide clients with a diversified multi-asset class portfolio.

“These portfolios appeal to a broad range of clients with interest in balancing two primary goals: generating competitive financial returns and positive impact,” said Jim Tracy, Head of Consulting Group Wealth Advisory Solutions. “The UMA account structure provides several key advantages to clients including access to a diversified asset allocation across multiple underlying third party managers in one account.”

Morgan Stanley launched the Investing with Impact Platform in 2012 to help clients identify opportunities that support specific social and environmental benefits without compromising financial performance potential. The Investing with Impact Platform defines a continuum of sustainable investing approaches that can potentially provide both risk mitigation and long-term value creation. The new Investing with Impact Portfolios added to the Select UMA Platform will utilize a combination of managers that employ strategies across this continuum − including exclusionary screens, environmental, social and governance integration and sector exposure.

“Increasingly, our clients define long-term value not only as realizing attractive financial return, but also generating positive environmental and social impact. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions to help our clients achieve their sustainable investing goals,” said Hilary Irby, Head of Morgan Stanley’s Investing with Impact Initiative. “Our Investing with Impact Platform provides Financial Advisors access to over 100 products and portfolio solutions which have been evaluated for their competitive return potential as well as positive societal impact. The addition of the two Investing with Impact Portfolios to the Select UMA Platform is an important extension of this capability.”

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