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Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Launches Enhanced UMA Trading Capability for Financial Advisors

Mar 3, 2016

Innovative Investment Management Tool Enables Financial Advisors to Trade and Oversee Accounts More Efficiently Creating Better Client Outcomes

New York —

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has launched an innovative portfolio management and trading application called UMAX, which enables financial advisors to manage client accounts across models within the Select Unified Managed Account (UMA) program.  The UMAX application allows financial advisors to re-allocate portfolios within minutes creating significant administrative efficiencies and potentially better client solutions. 

“UMAX is a powerful portfolio management and trading tool that allows financial advisors to construct and modify unified managed account models instead of just discrete accounts,” said Chad Graves, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.  “UMAX’s ability to so efficiently facilitate changes across multiple UMA portfolios simultaneously is a major step forward in the industry,” he added. 

“UMAX provides financial advisors with additional scalability to grow their business and more proficiently administer existing Select UMA accounts,” according to Jason Moore, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.  In addition to its trading capabilities, UMAX delivers the ability to: 

  • Examine and compare the investment products currently used on behalf of clients against the larger universe of more than 1,200 investment products covered by Morgan Stanley’s Global Investment Manager Analysis (GIMA).

  • Review estimated gains/losses on positions to help in managing more tax efficient transitions.

  • Generate client approved transition reports before trades are executed.

  • Compare historical and forecasted risk and return for the current portfolio allocation to a proposed portfolio allocation.

“In addition to immediately improving practice management for financial advisors, we believe UMAX will enhance outcomes for clients in the longer term,” said Mr. Moore. 

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