Morgan Stanley
  • Access & Opportunity Podcast
  • Oct 31, 2019

Timing Your Exit

hosted by Carla Harris
with Juanita Lott, founder of Bridgestream Inc.

Juanita Lott, founder of Bridgestream Inc., talks with Carla Harris about the company’s sale to Oracle and her unconventional path to tech entrepreneurship.

This season on Access & Opportunity, we’re speaking with entrepreneurs who have successfully scaled and sold their companies with a particular focus on their exits. In this episode, we’re joined by Juanita Lott, the founder of the enterprise security firm Bridgestream, Inc..

Juanita isn’t your typical tech entrepreneur. She didn’t study computer science, she isn’t an engineer, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t start, scale and sell a company for millions of dollars. Through hard work, late nights and a keen sense of business, Juanita navigated her way through the post-dot com era before selling Bridgestream to Oracle for a reported $30 million.

Today, Juanita tells shares with us how founders can strategically position themselves to retain control of their companies and outlines a few of the unique challenges people of color face when considering an exit. Finally, Juanita offers advice and encouragement to other non-traditional entrepreneurs who are considering starting their own company.

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