Financial Wellness

Our workplace solutions give employees the confidence to take charge of their finances – and their future. By improving your employees’ financial wellness, you can benefit from a more productive workforce.

When Your Workforce Is at Its Best, So Is Your Business

Better for Business: Don’t let financial stress get in the way of your employees’ best work. With fewer distractions, your teams can be more productive and engaged, helping your organization boost retention and its bottom line.

Better for Employees: No two employees’ financial needs are the same. We offer a range of solutions designed to address the diverse needs of your workforce to help meet their financial goals.


Discover how our customized solutions and services give your employees the tools to take charge of their finances.


Discover howourcustomized solutions and services give your employees the tools to take charge of their finances.

What a Financial Wellness Roll-Out Looks Like

Seamless onboarding. Maintenance without the hassle.


Design | Getting to Know Your Company

We dig deep to learn your organization’s goals and integrate with your existing benefits. From there, we create a customized and comprehensive program that includes:

  • A digital portal for your brand and specific needs
  • A financial wellness curriculum calendar and associated communication campaigns
  • Materials for you to share with your workforce to promote awareness and engagement with this benefit


Launch | Educating and Driving Engagement

We educate your employees and inspire them to take charge of their finances by providing:

  • Employee-focused communications showcasing the program benefits and how to get started
  • Digital and in-person education on financial wellness topics to drive behavioral changes
  • Financial Wellness Challenges for your employees
  • Support at Open Enrollment and Benefit Fair events
  • One-on-one support through a dedicated Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor or Financial Coach1 that helps employees take the next step


Ongoing Engagement | Reaching Short- and Long-Term Financial Goals

We help you assess and address the financial concerns of your employees by providing:

  • Access to tailored solutions, so your employees can take action and leverage the resources best fit to their needs
  • Communication campaigns that could help alleviate the burden on your benefits and wellness teams to drive utilization
  • Quarterly reporting on engagement metrics and financial wellness insights to that show progress and areas for improvement

Empower Your Workforce

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