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Morgan Stanley at Work

What is Morgan Stanley at Work?

Morgan Stanley at Work is a comprehensive suite of workplace financial solutions built around the understanding that when employees thrive, companies benefit. We meet companies and individuals wherever they are on their journey of wealth creation and help build financial confidence through advice, education and technology. Our robust, end-to-end approach to workplace solutions includes Equity Compensation (Shareworks by Morgan Stanley and Equity Edge Online ® ), Financial Wellness (Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness and Gradifi by E*TRADE), and Retirement Solutions (Retirement Plan Solutions).

Why does Morgan Stanley at Work matter to me?

Morgan Stanley at Work boosts employee productivity through a range of workplace financial solutions that help employees replace financial distractions with newfound confidence. We help your teams operate more effectively while helping you better attract, retain and reward your employees. Together, these solutions help your company achieve more.

What is included in Morgan Stanley at Work and the ecosystem of solutions?

Equity Compensation solutions, Financial Wellness solutions and Retirement solutions for companies, their executives and employees.

Why is this important to me?

Morgan Stanley at Work helps enhance employees’ workplace experience, improving retention and productivity.  

Is Morgan Stanley at Work offered internationally?

Our global equity plan management platform, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, is available in many jurisdictions. (Not all products and services are available in all jurisdictions or countries.)

What enhancements are made through Morgan Stanley at Work?

Our comprehensive suite of workplace financial solutions helps your employees build financial confidence through thoughtful education, insightful advice and cutting-edge technology. We can meet your employees wherever they are on their journey of wealth creation in whatever manner they prefer—from high tech to high touch.

Is my dedicated point of contact (e.g. Relationship Manager, Financial Advisor) changing?

No, there is no change to your dedicated point of contact today. If you have any questions, you can reach out to them directly.

Shareworks by Morgan Stanley

Will my relationship manager or service model change in any way?

There are no changes to your relationship manager or current service model.

Will there be a webinar I can join to learn more about the merger?

We plan to hold external webinars to announce details of the new unified company and our suite of product offerings. Details will be provided soon.

Will I have to change the equity compensation platform I am using today?

You can remain on your current platform. No changes are required.

Can I use E*TRADE’s Advanced Solutions team or other services from E*TRADE?

Not at this time. Advanced Solutions and other services (business optimization, custom reporting) will be evaluated for the future.

How will this impact International customers? Specifically what does it mean for Canadian, UK, EMEA, and APAC customers on Shareworks today?

For our non US clients, we will continue to support customers through the same regional offices, teams, and solutions as before.


What is Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness?

Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness is a program that helps employees improve their relationship with money. We do this through three primary solutions:

  • Financial Education delivered through in-person or online seminars and a self-service digital portal, which includes a personalized Financial Wellness assessment
  • Financial Coaching and Planning, which provides personalized budgeting and/or wealth plans for employees
  • Executive Capabilities, which provides holistic financial, estate and tax planning1 strategies for leaders with complex investment and wealth structuring needs

Is Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness available internationally?

No, this is not currently offered internationally.

What are the benefits of Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness to my company and employees?

By improving your employees’ financial wellness, your company can benefit from a more loyal and productive workforce. Companies that invest in financial wellness have an opportunity to help reduce employee stress, improve retention and engagement, and set themselves apart by offering comprehensive financial wellness benefits.

What does Gradifi by E*TRADE offer?

Gradifi by E*TRADE offers three core services:

  • Student Loan PayDown, which allows for direct contributions to your employees' student loans
  • College SaveUp, which allows for direct contributions to your employees' 529 plans
  • FinancialCore, which provides actionable financial wellness resources, tools and refinancing

Does the addition of Gradifi by E*TRADE change my current Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness offering?

The current offering you have through Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness will not change. Your employees will simply have an additional option to access Gradifi by E*TRADE’s services directly.


What is Retirement Plan Solutions?

Retirement Plan Solutions helps you customize your retirement plan so that your employees can make the most out of retirement. Through innovative technology, hands-on Financial Advisors and a goal-oriented approach, we help ensure employee retirement readiness, negotiate plan expenses and guide investment oversight and selection. By maximizing the benefits of a retirement plan for your employees, we help you attract and retain the best talent.

What does Morgan Stanley Retirement Plan Solutions offer?

We serve a full spectrum of plan types from small to large, including:

  • 401(k) and 403(b) plans
  • Pension plans
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans

Does the merger with E*TRADE impact my Morgan Stanley Retirement Plan Solutions?

No, your Morgan Stanley Retirement Plan Solutions offering does not change with the merger with E*TRADE.

Is Morgan Stanley Retirement Plan Solutions offered internationally?

No, this is not currently offered internationally.

Will my relationship with my Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor change?

No, there is no change to your relationship with your Morgan Stanley financial advisor. 


What is Morgan Stanley Executive Financial Services?

Executives and other key insiders face unique challenges when trying to access the assets in their corporate equity compensation plans. Executive Financial Services (EFS) is a dedicated team that delivers specialized guidance and tailored solutions to help these individuals navigate the complex regulatory and reporting landscape in order to gain flexible access to their wealth. 

What does Morgan Stanley Executive Financial Services offer?

Executive Financial Services is a specialized, dedicated team that focuses exclusively on meeting the needs of corporate executives and other key insiders. Our EFS professionals deliver comprehensive, customized solutions to executives, board members and key insiders looking to sell stock, while helping them comply with SEC and corporate insider trading rules. We execute on diversification strategies tailored to a client's specific risk management, investment and liquidity objectives.  

What benefits are there to my company and employees using Morgan Stanley Executive Financial Services?

Executive Financial Services is a centralized point of contact for insider compliance and legal due diligence. EFS offers guidance for companies and their employees on industry practices and trends. Benefits include:

  • White-glove service from Private Wealth Advisors and Wealth Management Financial Advisors
  • Deep experience and thought leadership
  • Premier trading capabilities
  • Cutting-edge technology 

Is Executive Financial Services offered internationally?

No, Executive Financial Services is not offered internationally. 

How does the merger with E*TRADE impact Morgan Stanley Executive Financial Solutions?

The addition of E*TRADE will enable Morgan Stanley to accelerate initiatives aimed at enhancing our executive offering and client experience, with no decrease in service and support. Your point of contact will remain the same. 


What is Graystone Consulting?

Graystone Consulting is a global leader in the institutional consulting business, bringing forward strategic investment solutions as unique as your organization.  Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. Working hand-in-glove with your leadership team, we develop and deliver fresh and strategic ideas for today’s uncommon times.

What sets us apart from other consultants is a unique business structure that blends the best of two worlds: the intimate experience of an investment boutique and the world-class resources of a global powerhouse. 

How do I learn more about Graystone Consulting?

Visit to learn more.

What services does Graystone Consulting provide?

Our Graystone Consultants and their teams will work to understand your organization and goals to guide you and produce investment strategies that help achieve optimal results. This is done through four key services including client-driven service offerings, customized advice, robust intellectual capital and exceptional risk and performance monitoring.

What institutions does Graystone Consulting currently provide customized investment programs for?

We work closely with:
Foundations and Endowments
Corporate Pension Plans
401(k) Plans
Taft-Hartley Funds
Health Care Plans
Public Pension Plans
Family Offices
Educational Institutions
Faith-Based Organizations

How do I learn more about other solutions that may be able to help my company?

Please contact your Graystone Consulting Financial Advisor who can introduce you to other workplace financial solutions through Morgan Stanley at Work.

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