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  • May 31, 2023

Why Work at Morgan Stanley India?



I think Morgan Stanley is

a hub for ideas

and I really think that

the firm is what it is

because it values innovation so greatly.



Morgan Stanley has been serving

clients in India since 1993,

and now we are over

10,000 employees

across two locations, Mumbai,

as well as Bengaluru.



Culture at Morgan Stanley

is very collaborative.



For us to bring in people

into the organization

and give them an atmosphere

where they can partner

with each other,

learn from each other,

that’s what I love about the organization,

we give an opportunity

for everyone to excel.



If you have an idea,

your entire team comes together

to nurture your brainchild.



In addition to doing on the job innovation,



we are also encouraging people

to participate

in innovation programs.

We come up with many solutions

that are adding a lot of value.



I've been here for

six years and I've worked in

three different squads

and three different teams.

So for someone who explicitly

did not have

a very structured career goal,

I'm able to move around and learn

more from each team that I work in

and then define my career as I go.

It’s really interesting

to see that something I wrote

was actually built out

and was used by people around me

that I genuinely cared about.



The hybrid environment

has got the best out of each

and every individual out here.

There is a lot of flexibility

and it helps you to balance

both your family

as well as your work.



Giving back

is something we consider

as our core value

and we encourage people

to participate

in volunteering activities

and people get an

opportunity to do what they like.

So there are various options

through the year.



I am associated with a program

which is about trying

to get young girls

into the corporate workforce

and help them envision

a career dream for themselves.



People belong in exciting careers,

so they come to Morgan Stanley

not just to do a job,

but to build a career.



The reason why

I have been with the

firm for so long

is because I’ve constantly

felt that I’m valued,

I am given challenges

to unleash my own potential,

and this sense of belongingness

is just magical.

We employ more than 10,000 people at our offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru, where they are challenged and encouraged to take on new roles while transforming the way we do business.

Whether you work in technology, research or internal audit, you’ll find a rewarding career at Morgan Stanley India, where the culture nurtures innovation and collaboration. “I feel that I am valued and given challenges to unleash my true potential,” says Snehal Shenoy, a Vice President in the Institutional Equities Division. She and her colleagues are also provided with constant support, including ways to achieve work-life balance, along with the mentorship they need to succeed and the chance to learn and leverage new skill sets. Says Anahita Tiwari, Head of India Global Centers, “We give an opportunity to everyone to excel.”

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