Machine Learning Research

Our Machine Learning Research Team delivers cutting-edge solutions to solve intricate challenges for our businesses and clients.

The Machine Learning Research Team at Morgan Stanley is made up of hyper-specialist researchers who work on complex problems across the Firm in areas including Fixed Income, Investment Management, Electronic Trading and more. 


Our applied research lab builds holistic systems with machine learning at the center. We often engage with academia, collaborating with university labs and publishing at top-tier conferences. Our team works in a wide variety of specialties, including time series analysis, recommender systems, network theory, LLMs, NLP for finance, fairness, privacy and more.

Meet Our Technologists

Get to know the researchers, analysts and leading thinkers behind machine learning at Morgan Stanley.

"It's like trying to solve a big puzzle. You're constantly looking for relationships that help explain the problem you're trying to solve.”
Executive Director, Technology

Kick-Start Your Career in Machine Learning

The Quantitative Technology Machine Learning Research Summer Internship gives emerging technologists an opportunity to work alongside our specialists on impactful applied research projects.