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Come In, Let's Talk

Real talk on what it takes for women to rise to senior leadership.

In season 1 of Come in Let’s Talk, top women of Wall Street invite you into their offices--and tell you exactly what it took to get there. Come In, Let’s Talk features senior executives at Morgan Stanley, who candidly share their personal experiences overcoming the challenges women face while climbing the ranks. These practical, surprising and hope-filled conversations offer inspiration and guidance for any one aspiring to a senior leadership position, and are essential listening for the ambitious everywhere. 

Season 1

Episode 1 - Introduction: Stacie Hoffmeister

Host Stacie Hoffmeister kicks off a series of candid, groundbreaking talks with Morgan Stanley's most senior women. These executives share what they’ve learned in their climb to help other women rise to positions of power.


Episode 2 - Using Your Voice: Rachel Wilson

Rachel takes us back to her days at the NSA and discusses what that environment taught her about how to make herself heard at work, and how she brought those skills to her crucial role at Morgan Stanley. 


Episode 4 - Advancing Careers Through Relationships: Margaret Flynn-Martin

Margaret Flynn-Martin, Head of Relationship Management for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, maintains hundreds of professional relationships—personally, and in many cases, deeply. She is skilled at developing clients, cross-organization advocates, and champions. Now she’s sharing how she does it. And yes, she even addresses the “do I need to learn to golf?” question.  


Episode 5 - Building a High Performance: Rosalie Berman

Rosalie Berman, Managing Director and Head of Reinvestment at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, is one of the best at building diverse, cohesive, high-performing teams. And she does it with a level of care - even love - that we don’t see often enough. She takes us through her process and gives invaluable advice along the way.


Episode 6 - Leading with Vision: Elizabeth Dennis

Liz Dennis, Head of Private Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley, has a big job—and to do it, she uses vision. She’s a master at articulating and guiding her teams towards bold and ambitious goals. But being seen as visionary can be a thorny issue for women. Liz discusses why getting caught up in the small things can hold us back—and why we should think bigger. 


Episode 7 - Influencing to Create Change: Ileana Musa

Ileana Musa has a following. People enthusiastically support her ideas and help her make things happen. She has good ideas, but that’s not all: she’s a true influencer. As she describes it, it takes listening, patience, and steadfast perseverance. It takes hard work. And now, she shares her blueprint. 


Episode 8 – Season Wrap & Personal Brand: Kara Underwood

Kara Underwood is consistently sought out for career advice and guidance. With her lens strictly focused on others’ talents, she’s created an indelible brand of her own. As our season wraps, Kara talks about learning the importance of self-awareness and using it for growth.


Women Without Limits

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is committed to creating opportunities for women in their careers, their wealth planning and their communities. We’re closing the gap and helping empower females throughout every stage of their lives, with tangible resources, advice and stories.