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Morgan Stanley Launches Family Legacy and Governance Institute to Guide Professionals in Driving Multi-Generational Success

Sep 28, 2021

New virtual educational program is designed for estate planning, accounting and financial professionals in addressing human capital-focused needs

New York —

Morgan Stanley Family Office Resources today announced the launch of The Morgan Stanley Family Legacy and Governance (FLAG) Institute, a virtual educational program designed specifically for professionals to address and implement family governance processes for wealth management clients in an effort to drive long-term success within families.

This is the first Morgan Stanley Wealth Management client experience geared towards estate planning lawyers, certified public accountants, family office executives, and other professionals that focuses on the human capital side of working with ultra-high-net-worth wealth management clients. The Institute will assist these individuals in understanding the importance of family governance in order to support harmonious decision-making and success within families, and build their knowledge to practice more confidently and effectively with wealth management clients in the ultra-high-net-worth space.

“When we think about the success of families over multiple generations, we have seen that long-term success relies heavily upon matters including aligning around a deeply held set of shared family values, building a family mission, and creating strong processes for making decisions together with respect to their joint enterprise,” said Glenn Kurlander, Head of Family Governance & Wealth Education at Morgan Stanley. “With nearly 40 years of practice in the family governance space, we are excited to share our experience with estate planning professionals who focus their practice on the ultra-high-net-worth segment, helping them deepen their understanding of this critical space.”

The first annual Institute is taking place on September 28, 2021. Sessions will cover a number of themes relating to the elements of a family governance system. Panelists will discuss practices that help to drive long-term success, the role that constitutions and bylaws play in helping to manage human capital, and strategies for driving continuity and success over multiple generations.

“There are many excellent and well-established programs that help estate planning professionals continue developing their technical skills in the field,” said Elizabeth Chand, Executive Director and Family Office Resources Generalist at Morgan Stanley. “While these areas are of undeniable importance, we believe that a family’s long-term success and happiness depend to a far greater extent on their ability to develop, nurture and manage their human capital - matters that come within the ambit of family governance and legacy.”

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