Merchant Banking & Real Estate Investing

Full-time Analyst

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Placement and duration

Throughout the three-year Program, Analysts in Real Estate Investing and Infrastructure teams will work on a variety of transactions, analyse new acquisition opportunities and help manage investment portfolios. You will also receive continuous guidance from senior professionals who will further encourage you to go beyond the numbers and think creatively.

Training program

The Program begins in July with five weeks of intensive classroom training. This includes business presentations, practical sessions, and the chance to exchange ideas and learn from your peers. You will join Analysts from Investment Banking, Sales & Trading and Research in the combined Institutional Securities Training Program, which covers accounting, financial modeling and capital markets. At the end of the training, we hope that Analysts have built a strong network amongst their peers and are able to understand financial concepts, build a dynamic model and have a strong understanding of the Morgan Stanley culture.

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  • Collecting and synthesising financial and operating information about potential investment opportunities and industries.
  • Creating financial models.
  • Gathering market data to analyse trends and help value and price transactions.
  • Drafting presentations and memoranda for a wider audience within the Firm.
  • Attending team discussions and partner meetings, where you may be asked to deliver parts of a presentation.

*Salary is competitive with excellent benefits

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

  • You are a high-calibre undergraduate student in your final year of study.
  • You have a demonstrated commitment to diverse extracurricular activities.
  • You are fluent in English; fluency in multiple languages is a plus.
  • You have a keen interest in the financial markets.
  • You are analytical, insightful, a quick learner, team player, multi-tasker and possess a strong work ethic and positive attitude.