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Placement and duration

The BRM Full-time Analyst Program is a two-year program consisting of a rotational program for the first year, followed by final placement during the second year. The program begins with one month of BRM-specific training and development, followed by three four-month rotations across BRM, after which analysts will be placed in a permanent function for their second year. Rotational, final placements will be across any of the following BRM business areas: Securities Lending, Fixed Income Client Financing, Secured Funding, Clearing and Collateral Strategy & Optimization (CCSO), Sales & Marketing, and Strategy. With exposure to different products and interaction with various Morgan Stanley divisions, the rotational program provides analysts with a knowledge platform and business connections that uniquely position analysts for a successful and fast-tracked career.

Training program

All new Analysts participate in an intensive orientation program, which covers the Firm's businesses and the transition from an academic setting to a corporate environment, in addition to providing opportunities for establishing a network across businesses throughout the Firm. BRM Analysts then attend divisional training, alongside other Sales & Trading Analysts, where they learn core skills required to be successful on the job. The curriculum includes daily market updates, accounting courses, credit risk analysis, business overview speaker sessions, fundamental and advanced product and technical training, and registration preparation. In addition, Analysts have several opportunities to network with peers, mentors and managers through team building sessions and other organized events.

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BRM Full-time Analysts are called on to use their judgment and discretion in advancing the goals of BRM and Morgan Stanley.
  • Securities Lending: Borrow and lend equity securities from/to the world’s largest lending institutions and hedge fund clients.
  • Fixed Income Client Financing: Provide liquidity to clients in fixed income products, and analyze market rates and economic drivers, such as Central Bank operations and monetary policy.
  • Secured Funding: Finance the Firm’s inventory of equity and fixed income securities through execution of secured transitions.
  • Sales and Marketing: Evaluate client portfolios and perform analysis on business opportunities.
  • Clearing and Collateral Strategy & Optimization (CCSO): Price and hedge credit risk associated with new OTC derivative transactions and analyze historical data to ensure risk is adequately covered.
  • Strategy: Work on BRM and Firm strategic initiatives and pursue current strategies.

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

  • In pursuit of an undergraduate degree; in final year of study with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • You have a compelling interest in and knowledge of the financial markets.
  • You are able to work with a high degree of independence.
  • At least one internship in a finance-related field (preferred).
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Candidates are expected to be analytical, quantitative, insightful, adaptive, quick learners, leaders, teamplayers, multi-taskers, possess a strong work ethic, as well as excellent oral and written communication skills.


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Application Process & Deadlines

Students must apply online at If Morgan Stanley recruits on your campus, you may also be required to apply through your school’s on-campus system.

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