Morgan Stanley

Placement and duration

Summer Analysts hired in New York are given general offers, then placed into one of the industry coverage groups or into Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Opportunities are also available in our regional offices in Houston, Menlo Park, Calgary, Toronto and the Western Region (Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Francisco - Heathcare). During the 10-week program, Summer Analysts experience the culture and atmosphere of Morgan Stanley by taking on responsibilities of a Full Time Analyst, working on a variety of corporate transactions and making meaningful contributions to the delivery of projects.

Training program

After five days of intensive training in New York, Summer Analysts spend the program within a specific group, building a strong foundation in the basic skills of financial analysis, accounting and valuation, and working on a wide range of transactions. Summer Analysts receive continuing on-the-job training throughout the program and benefit from working alongside experienced professionals on meaningful projects. For example, they might accompany clients on a road show for a headline-making equity offering, participate in the execution of an M&A transaction, or analyze financial information in preparation for making a strategic recommendation to a top client. In addition, Summer Analysts have many opportunities to network with peers, mentors and senior managers through team-building sessions and other organized events.

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The roles and responsibilities of a Summer Analyst vary by department, but may include:

•Analyzing detailed corporate and financial information

•Creating statistical exhibits that analyze comparative financial performance

•Building models to illustrate projected financial results and value to companies

•Developing marketing memoranda and delivering sections of research presentations

•Participating in the execution of financings and M&A transactions

•Acting as the liaison for the team and other parts of the Firm

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

•You are pursuing an undergraduate degree (junior) with a graduation date between December 2021 and June 2022 

•Minimum 3.0 GPA

•You have basic knowledge of and a keen interest in finance

•You are analytical, adaptive, possess a strong work ethic, are a leader yet team player, as well as a multi-tasker

•You possess strong oral and written communication skills