Morgan Stanley

Employee Networks

The firm recognizes the importance of employee networks and the rich resources that can be reaped for both employees and the organization through the exchange of ideas and relationship-building.


Employee Networks are firm-sponsored organizations that are designed to enhance employee engagement, deliver substantive content, create a framework for cross-business unit connectivity and idea-sharing, and advance the firm's overall culture of inclusion.



  • disABILITY Employee Network
  • Employee Sustainability Forum 
  • Family Network
  • Pride & Ally LGBT Employee Network
  • Women's Business Alliance


  • Asian Employee Network
  • Black Employee Network
  • Latinx Employee Network
  • Veterans Employee Network



  • African & Caribbean Business Alliance
  • Budapest Roma Awareness
  • Working Group
  • Budapest Multicultural Alliance
  • Dubai Cultural Group
  • EMEA Military Network
  • Enable
  • Glasgow Cultural Awareness Network
  • Net EastAsia 
  • Net SouthAsia
  • Net-Eire


  • Multicultural Alliance