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  • Jul 31, 2018

Morgan Stanley Gives Back: 2017 Volunteering Highlights

Morgan Stanley employees contribute to their communities in many different ways.

As a global firm, Morgan Stanley is rooted in communities around the world, providing a broad lens through which we commit ourselves to philanthropy and public works. Morgan Stanley employees make a positive impact through volunteering, giving, matching and pro bono consulting, combining the firm’s talent and resources to create meaningful, lasting social impact through innovative solutions. Our Foundations help scale the work of our global partners to create long-term value where it is most needed.

2017 Statistics:

  • 89.5% of employees participated in at least one volunteering program.
  • Employees logged 518,000 volunteer hours for nonprofits around the world in 2017, including a record-breaking 80% of employees who logged hours during Global Volunteer Month.
  • Since inception in 2009, the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge has provided 117 nonprofits with more than 81,000 hours of pro bono services valued at over $12.4 million.
  • In 2017, employees, together with the firm, the Morgan Stanley Foundation and the Morgan Stanley International Foundation, donated over $102.8 million.
  • The firm gifted $20 million to the Morgan Stanley Foundation, which aims to give children a healthy start for lifelong achievement, create transformative change in our communities and inspire employees toward a lifetime of committed engagement.

2017 Global Examples:

North America

  • In December 2017, the Morgan Stanley Adult Emergency Department opened at New York Presbyterian Hospital, with the addition of new treatment rooms that nearly doubled its capacity. To honor the occasion, and mark a nearly 50-year partnership, Morgan Stanley employees participated in a series of events, including an educational session about the health care provided at the hospital, and a volunteer opportunity in which employees packed care bags for patients at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, also located at New York Presbyterian.
  • Following the devastating earthquake that hit Mexico City in 2017, Morgan Stanley set up a relief program to help those affected. Local employees volunteered with the Red Cross, contributing to on-site aid, including distributing medicine, tools, water and other provisions. The firm also provided a $10,000 donation to Comedor Santa Maria, a nonprofit organization that provides daily meals and education to children in extreme poverty.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • Morgan Stanley London employees marked their 10-year partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital, a local children’s hospital, by raising £1.8 million with the firm. The funding will support a new accommodation unit for parents of the most critically ill children. With the new facility, they can have a home away from home, free of charge and within walking distance of the hospital.

Asia Pacific

  • As part of the firm’s annual Global Volunteer Month, Morgan Stanley employees in Seoul helped assemble solar lanterns for children in Africa. Without electricity, underprivileged families in Africa use homemade kerosene lamps, which not only emit toxic fumes inside a house without a proper ventilation system, but are also expensive. Solar lanterns provide a clean, affordable energy source so kids can study and be safe, even at night.
  • As part of Global Volunteer Month, employees from the Morgan Stanley Melbourne office spent a day on Phillip Island planting seedlings and insulating penguin burrows. Phillip Island Nature Parks is a nonprofit organization that uses ecotourism to fund conservation, research and education programs. One of its five major attractions is the daily Penguin Parade where wild penguins emerge from the ocean to take refuge for the night in their burrows.


Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities is an original program designed to bring together the fundamentals that children need for a healthy start—wellness, nutrition and play. To date, it has been administered in 10 cities globally.

  • In the U.S., Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities has delivered 3.1 million nutritious meals, over 11,290 medical screenings, and safe play spaces for more than 9,000 kids since 2014.
  • In Mumbai, Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities has enhanced school health and hygiene for 30,000 children in 76 schools; renovated and maintained water, sanitation and hygiene facilities for 7,500 students; addressed malnutrition in 6,000 infants and kids; and set up 13 toy libraries for 8,500 students since 2016.  We have also provided a community of 200,000 people with regular access to primary health care via a mobile medical van. 
  • Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities launched in Glasgow, UK, in November, 2017, and is expected to deliver 9,600 nutritious meals, 120 cooking classes and nutrition programs and 8,800 hours of safe, structured play sessions over the next two years.

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