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Available only to stock plan participants

With $0 commission for online stock, ETF, and Mutual Fund trades and no annual maintenance fee or account minimums, it's never been easier to put your investments to work.*

Online Trading

Available only to stock plan participants

Stocks + ETFs




Price may vary based on corporate stock plan relationship.  See below for additional fees that may apply.

Mutual Funds*




Underlying mutual fund fees and expenses apply as described in each fund prospectus.  Additional information about mutual fund features, fees and compensation can be found here.

Additional Services and Fees

Various fees1 may be waived at certain asset levels, such as, but not limited to, those for Reserved.2


Representative Assisted Trade Fee
$25 additional per trade
Flat-rate commission and fees apply

Overnight check orders
$10 per check

Checkbook orders
Wallet Size — $0.00 per checkbook order
Other sizes — $20 and up depending on style and quantity per checkbook order

Morgan Stanley Debit Card which is a World Debit MasterCard®
No annual fee
2% foreign transaction fee is charged on transactions made outside the United States

Debit Card ATM Withdrawal Fees
Up to $200 per calendar year in ATM fee rebates at ATMs around the world where MasterCard,® Maestro® or Star® are accepted

Expedited Payment for Online Bill Pay
$15 per transaction
Same Day/Next Business Day, Receipt of Payment

Express orders for Check and/or Debit Card
$25 per delivery
Via Overnight Delivery — U.S. addresses only

Insufficient funds (paid and returned items)
$25 per transaction
Includes Check/ACH, Automatic Debits, Online Bill Payments

Insufficient funds, rejected transfer
$25 per transaction

Returned Check Deposit
$25 per transaction

Stop Payment
$25 per transaction

Wire Transfer USD (Outgoing)4
$25 per transaction


Account termination fee

Account Transfer fee (ACATs)5
$95 per account transfer

Legal Transfer — Estate Processing

$25 per event
Additional fee charged by agents may apply

Returned Stock Certificate (Reorg)

Stock Certificates — Private Name change / Transfer Request


ADR Custody/Depository Service Fee6
Varies/per event

ADR Dividend Payment Fee
Varies/per dividend payment

ADR Termination Fee
Varies/per termination

Physical Certificate Collection (Reorg) Fee
$25 per transaction

Physical Security Restricted Legend Removal7
$300 per event

Short-Term Mutual Fund Redemption Fee
Varies/per event

Supplemental Transaction Fee (SEC Transaction Fee)
Variable/minimum $0.01 per transaction
May be applied to the sale of certain securities

Voluntary Reorganization Fee
$25 per event

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