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Morgan Stanley at Work and Pave Announce API Integration to Bring Real-Time Compensation Benchmarking and Planning to Shareworks Platform

Apr 25, 2023

Empowering private companies with one of the world’s largest real-time datasets representing over 6,000+ companies and 600,000+ employee records

New York —

Morgan Stanley at Work and Pave, a leading provider of real-time compensation benchmarking and planning solutions, today announced the launch of an integration with the Shareworks application programming interface (API) which will allow Morgan Stanley at Work Private Markets clients to seamlessly access real-time compensation benchmarking and planning solutions.

The announcement comes on the heels of several initiatives by Morgan Stanley at Work to bring relevant and important data seamlessly to clients. These include integrations with all major accounting firms including KPMG, Deloitte/GAIN, and Ernst & Young, an API with Wilson Sonsini that reads and writes capitalization data directly into Shareworks, and an API with Workday that allows for flexible file imports.

"We are thrilled to work with Pave to bring real-time compensation benchmarking and planning to our clients," said Kevin Swan, Head of Private Market Ecosystem, Morgan Stanley at Work. "Now more than ever, clients are seeking a one stop shop for accurate and timely information to drive data-led employee decisions. Within the lens of our focus on arming clients with everything they need in one place, this integration brings an added breadth of data for clients on the Shareworks platform.”

In a turbulent market environment, companies are rapidly adjusting their equity compensation philosophy. Integrated clients will be able to leverage Morgan Stanley at Work's equity information to benchmark equity grants against peers, plan equity refresh grants, and communicate equity with employees. Together, clients can build competitive equity packages that help meet employee needs and align with company financial goals.

"We’re ecstatic about our integration with Morgan Stanley at Work,” said Matt Schulman, CEO of Pave. “It's not every day that two leading forces team up to offer companies an innovative and comprehensive compensation solution. By integrating Pave's platform with Shareworks, employers will have access to unique insights that can help make more informed and equitable compensation decisions."

Pave is on a mission to build the world's best compensation tools and easily accessible market data so companies can plan, communicate, and benchmark in real-time. Through the integration with Morgan Stanley at Work, Pave can help companies make data-driven equity decisions that are fair, transparent, and rooted in market data.

About Morgan Stanley at Work

Morgan Stanley at Work offers a suite of financial solutions, which spans Equity Compensation through Shareworks and E*TRADE Equity Edge Online, Retirement and Financial Wellness Solutions. Morgan Stanley at Work combines cutting-edge planning and Morgan Stanley intellectual capital and financial education delivered through multiple channels to enable employees to build a holistic plan to help achieve their financial goals. Shareworks services are provided by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, member SIPC, and its affiliates, and Equity Edge Online® employee stock plan solutions are offered by E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc., both are parts of Morgan Stanley at Work and all wholly owned subsidiaries of Morgan Stanley.

About Pave

Pave is an end-to-end compensation management platform that’s on a mission to bring pay transparency, fairness, and accuracy to global compensation structures. Powered by integrations with HRIS, cap table, and ATS tools, Pave makes it easier for People and Finance leaders to build and execute best-in-class compensation strategies to attract, retain, and motivate top talent. Pave offers multiple products that enable companies to benchmark compensation, build compensation bands for salary and equity, plan and execute merit cycles, and communicate compensation to candidates and employees in a single portal. Pave was founded in 2019 by CEO Matt Schulman and is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more, please visit us at

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