Morgan Stanley

Creating Space

Morgan Stanley believes that everyone should have an opportunity to participate in the future $1 trillion space economy. That’s why we are partnering with experts in the space industry to engineer a more inclusive spacesuit of the future, which will make space exploration more accessible for female astronauts.

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Space Economy: Investment Themes 

10 Everyday Things Made Possible by Space Exploration

NASA’s drive to push forward exploration of the final frontier with missions to the moon, Mars and into deep space has led to the invention of dozens of new technologies over the decades. These have allowed for the development of products that have transformed daily life, such as camera phones, laptops, memory foam, CAT scans and even baby formula.

The Space Economy's Next Giant Leap

Morgan Stanley’s Space Team estimates that the roughly $350 billion global space industry could surge to over $1 trillion by 2040.


Source: Satellite Industry Association, Morgan Stanley Research.


Source: Satellite Industry Association, Morgan Stanley Research, Thomson Reuters. *2040 estimates