Navigating Shareworks

Navigate Shareworks? (Public Companies).

How do I navigate Shareworks? (Public Companies)

Understanding Your Total Value

Shareworks breaks down your total value into four sections:

  • Items in Progress: Transactions that are currently in progress

  • Available: A summary of vested shares available to transact

  • Unavailable: A summary of unvested shares not available to transact

  • Total Portfolio Value: The sum of all of the above

Notification Bar

The Notification bar alerts you of any important notices such as upcoming blackouts.


The tasks area displays any activities for you to complete such as accepting your grant agreements.


View upcoming or past events on the right-hand side. This section displays activities such as upcoming vest dates and past transactions.

Portfolio Tab

In the Portfolio tab, you can view the details of your individual awards and/or plans. You can use the Model Exercise tool or exercise vested options.

Activity Tab

In the Activity tab, you can view past events, such as option exercises. You can also run your own activity statements and reports over a specified time period.

Documents Tab

In the Documents tab, you can access any information that is relevant to your account including your plan documents, grant agreements, country-specific tax supplements, and any tax slips issued based on your account.

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