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Exercise my stock options.

How do I exercise my stock options?

A stock option is a right to purchase company shares at a specific price, usually after a period of time (vesting). Stock Option exercises may only be requested through your Shareworks account.

To Exercise Your Stock Options

  1. Sign into your Shareworks account

  2. Click the Portfolio tab

  3. Select the Stock Options and Awards tab

  4. Locate the Options grant you would like to exercise

  5. Select the Exercise link on the right

  6. Select the type of exercise you would like to use and click Continue

  7. Enter the number of shares you would like to transact in the Exercise Quantity field and click Continue

  8. Select the Delivery Instructions

  9. Review the Exercise Direction Form and click Accept

  10. Accept the Online Disclaimer

  11. Click Submit Exercise

Your exercise will now show under the Activity tab.

Blackout Periods

A banner at the top of the screen will appear if you are currently in a blackout period.


Your stock options will generally expire if you remain an active employee. However, upon termination, you will usually have a set period of time to exercise your outstanding vested options or they will be forfeited. Please refer to the expiry date in Shareworks after termination. If your expiry falls on a non-trading day, you must exercise no later than market close on the trading day prior to your expiration date.

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