Morgan Stanley Energy Partners
Capabilities: Private Credit & Equity
Morgan Stanley Energy Partners
Capabilities: Private Credit & Equity

Morgan Stanley Energy Partners

Capabilities: Private Credit & Equity


Morgan Stanley Energy Partners makes control investments in middle-market energy companies in partnership with best-in-class management teams. We generally invest in North America, but we will pursue deals in other geographies on an opportunistic basis. We focus on corporate carve-outs, management buyouts, founder-led recapitalizations, platform build-ups of established companies and growth equity investments.

We seek to generate returns through management and operational improvements, value-added oversight, accretive add-on acquisitions, thoughtful financing and strategic alternatives for our portfolio companies.

As an energy-focused middle-market private equity investment team with direct access to the network and capabilities of a leading global financial services firm, we can bring out-sized resources to companies to help them thrive within their markets. We believe the Morgan Stanley franchise is instrumental in enabling us to recruit senior executives and board members to help our portfolio companies accelerate their growth. In addition, we believe that our firm can provide market insights to drive better decision-making; proactive balance sheet management; introductions to potential acquisition candidates and other business partners; proprietary knowledge regarding financing, risk management and strategic alternatives; and access to institutional procurement, vendor management and sourcing programs that can deliver significant cost savings.


We have access to colleagues who also spend their time thinking about the energy industry–research analysts, investment bankers, commodities traders and financial advisors in energy hub cities. Collectively, they extend our network well beyond the range of a typical middle-market private equity fund.

Investment Professionals
John Moon
Head of Morgan Stanley Energy Partners
26 years industry experience
Logan Burt
Managing Director
14 years industry experience
Mark Bye
Managing Director | Operating Partner
36 years industry experience
Robert Lee
Managing Director
17 years industry experience
Ryan Jordan
Executive Director
11 years industry experience
David Cook
Vice President
13 years industry experience
Andrew Griffin
Vice President
9 years industry experience
Calvin White
Vice President
10 years industry experience


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Makes privately negotiated equity and equity-related investments in energy businesses located primarily in North America.  

As of 4/18/2019. Team and portfolio information may change from time to time.

Includes legacy energy investments executed by the investment team prior to 2015 through the Morgan Stanley Capital Partners (MSCP) investment platform.

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